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I love this great disclaimer from Albert Einstein, he said, “information is not knowledge; the only source of knowledge is experience.”

I know you too are trying to make a sense out of that statement, you are probably sounding like, “is it true?” we will find out.

It’s great having you on our blog one more time. We sure haven’t fallen short of the standard we give you, the best and the most convenient interior when it comes to furniture.



The only savior Usman will always feel indebted to was an unusually classic sitting room interior, Frank would not have imagined something better in the UK.  

Frank had been in the UK for the past seven years. He just got an invitation to handle a conference in Nigeria and for a man whose entire family just relocated to Canada, only a good old friend would have helped him sort himself out.

Kelvin, his friend was in Lagos and Frank’s assignment was to take place in Rivers state. The only option therefore is for Kelvin to link his friend to Usman who happens to be working at Port-Harcourt. Although Frank only wanted someone who will guide him to a good resort, where he could lodge as soon as he touched down, Usman however, insisted they both drive to his place first.

“Wow this is extremely palatable!” Frank exclaimed,” I love your place, in fact I am not going nowhere to lodge anymore, this is comfort!”

Conversation brought several issues to the table and Frank unveiled a position in his company which happens to be one that could conveniently feature Usman .


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Just a week after Frank had left Nigeria, all credentials and arrangements were made and Usman was sent for, to resume his new role as a software Engineer in a very prominent tech company in the UK.

Only the kind of interior furniture and designs he got from Interior Woodwork Limited could have brought him up as a close friend, make Frank change his mind from going to lodge or even made  them discuss as long as possible to unveil such an unprecedented opportunity.

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