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One thing that triggers my curiosity is the aesthetic and universality of the “BLACK FRAMED DOORS”

Our showroom is @ plot 178 Aminu Kano Crescent, by H-medix Wuse 2

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This is one of the best innovation in recent times and it is coming from no other person than your most preferred interior woodwork company here in Nigeria. Don’t be too much in a haste, chill out, have some wine, we can then continue.

It wasn’t a cool experience at all, the last time I went on a weekend stroll to the Shola’s. It all started with a table tennis tournament between Ray, Muri, Tunde and I.

The next thing we heard was a blast of sound and shout from as close as two plots away from our location. Everyone fled in array and in less than seven seconds no one was in the courtyard anymore except my humble self.

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The door to Mr. Shola’s apartment had just refused to open for me, though he was behind making efforts to help me escape my woe. The pressure and tension was much and I felt my heart in my nostrils when he politely told me, after fruitless struggles, to seek the next, most accessible refuge as his door had just jammed.

Just about when I started to recount my shortcomings and to check my airtime balance if it was enough to tell mum, dad and siblings how much I loved them even in my state of uncertainty.

 I heard a mildly audible voice said “ na that our goal Keeper help us o”. They were just on a celebration of the victory they had from an inter-community football competition.

“Like seriously! Have I been passed through a pool of fire by the unordered behavior of these elements?” I wondered aloud in dismay.

The door flush system, balance and an unaligned key hole featured in the anatomy of Shola’s door almost deprived me of my peace of mind.


Interior Woodwork limited “BLACK FRAMED DOOR” innovation is an improvement and upgrade on whatever quality you have ever known about doors.  Durable and a front-line security you can always trust is what this product is. You can never have a better material that will be so adoptable to accommodate any color of doors than our “BLACK DOOR FRAMES”.

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Our showroom is @ plot 178 Aminu Kano Crescent, by H-medix Wuse 2

Contact: 08117337992, 08099999068.

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